Our History

Riedel, Kline, and Stern

In the early 1940’s and throughout World War II, the United States made substantial scientific advances in technology that eventually led to the Allied victory.  Following the war, a considerable amount of resources were committed to advancing these new technologies and addressing wartime scientific matters. Three men were at the forefront of these advances: Thomas Riedel, Robert Kline, and John Stern.

In the mid-1930’s, Riedel, Kline and Stern worked in various defense technology programs within the Department of Energy. In June 1940, all three men were appointed to the National Defense Reach Committee (NDRC). The NDRC was created to “coordinate, supervise, and conduct scientific research on the problems underlying the development production and use of mechanisms and devices of warfare”. When the organization terminated in June 1941, RKS Dynamics was born.

Using their vast knowledge of wartime technology acquired by their time at the Department of Energy and the NDRC, Riedel, Kline and Stern founded RKS Dynamics. Their vision was simple: they wanted to continue to provide cutting edge technology advancements that their customers could utilize to fit their needs. Today, RKS Dynamics has nine locations in the United States and seven countries around the world.